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Nicht gefunden: Can You See Sicily?

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We did not find any clue to solve the riddle online.

But we had a good idea, what it could be on the foto. Terratin conformed, the idea was right.
We had another idea, where it could be. But at the target area, we found only newer versions of the shown item. We did not find the historic ones.

And we did not see sicily.

Owner: Captain Gore-tex
Typ: mystery
D/T: 5/3
Land: Malta
Koordinaten : N 36 5.999 E 014 12.999
Gelegt: 16.10.2011
Status: archived
Gesucht: 12.06.2014
Team: VMN
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Gesamtzahl Bewertungen: 0
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Median: 0
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